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What's so Great About the Great Barrier Reef?

0The Great Barrier Reef is globally famous. You already know that it’s the world’s largest reef system (I hope), but is there anything else special that goes on down there off the coast of Australia? Other than crocodile wrestling of course.

Imagine a place with the combined life of rush hour traffic in L.A., and the beauty of Carmen Electra a decade ago. The GBR is an interesting place that you can’t help but stare at upon visiting. You can watch animals as small as mice swimming around pelagic beasts that are bigger than elephants. The full spectrum of unique shapes and vibrant colors make for an adventure that seems spawned from another world; however, it’s our own wondrous world that has created it!

The GBR is an incredible natural beauty both above and below the water. It has some of the best scenery on earth and I hope that we can preserve it. The GBF is protected by an association called the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. This organization allows for a minimal amount of fishing and tourism to take place in order to protect this awesome ecosystem of life. Something called coral bleaching is going on down there. It’s caused by increasing or decreasing of water temperatures, changes in the water’s chemical balance or exposure of the corals above the water’s surface. If any of these critical changes occur the corals start to lose the organisms that allow them to keep their beautiful colors which in turn cause the coral to become almost entirely white or bleached. A few other dangers to the GBR are climate change, pollution, a starfish called Crown of Thorns that consume the coral, shipping incidents, and fishing. Please take note of these  issues so that The GBR can stay the GBR.

Some Stats of Greatness About the GBR:


1. Composed of over 2,900 individual reefs


2. Contains over 900 islands over 2,600 kilometres (1,615.57 miles)


3. It can be seen from outer space for real, unlike the (not-as)Great Wall of China.


4. 215 species of birds visit the area


5. More than 1,500 species of fish swim around there


6. It draws over 1 million human visitors per year


7. Over 330 species of ascidians or sea squirts inhabit the reef system


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