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Explore Your Parks


The birds are chirping in the sun, the breeze is cool, and you’re sitting in your house cause ya can’t think of nothing ta do. Your excuses are now officially over. If you’re not familiar with The North Face and the work they’ve been doing with the Parks of America, then you’re in for a trip. Outdoor USA Magazine calls Explore Your Parks one of the best causes of the year.

The landing page for the site is very clean and has several options for you to choose from. The most obvious first choice is to find parks near your location. When you enter in your location, a number of parks will pop up on a map near to you. Click on any of the locations for more information, phone number and description of what you’ll find at the park.

Also available under Camping Programs are guides for first time campers, and these can be attended at 13 parks currently and counting. If you want ideas for activities to engage in, EYP also has activity guides for 13 park areas as well.

The main thing The North Face wants to do is promote and “foster a love of the outdoors,” says Ann Krick, director of Outdoor Exploration for The North Face, in a press release in regards to Explore Your Parks. Be sure to check out the website to see if you can get a free pass to one of your parks. As a parks lover myself, I can not oversell this. The parks are an amazing opportunity that we might not have had if people in the past weren’t passionate about the natural world around them. Programs like Explore Your Parks only works as long as people are still interested and physically going to the parks. So what are you waiting for?


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