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The 5 Worst People to Choose for a Travel Buddy


When planning a trip, no matter how big or small, there are always decisions to be made. Where do I go? What do I do? How much money do I bring? Should I take my favorite shirt or will it get ruined? While these are all great questions, there is one that can change the outcome of all other questions.

Who will be my travel buddy? This important individual will eat, sleep, and travel with you 24/7; changing the entire experience – one conversation at a time. The happiness or miserable sadness of your TB (travel buddy) will directly affect your own emotions. The TB’s problems become your problems. So, basically you want a TB that doesn’t have any problems. Usually travel throws some crazy curveballs; make sure your TB can at least swing at them. Here are some of the TBs you need to avoid in order to have a nice trip.

The Complainer
This person is never going to be any fun. They whine to you instead of anyone who can actually do anything about it. This makes for really annoying bus rides that will make you wish you stayed home.

Internet addict
This chap thinks EVERYTHING needs to be tweeted, facebooked, and/or blogged. This will really cut into your actual travel time. A good TB will save the digital memories and photo souvenir stuff for when they return home.

Money crazed
This TB can slide one of two ways. They could either be the type that buys a cup of noodles night after night or maybe they have the wallet to fund four star meals. Either way, you’ll end up living in an uncomfortable status bracket, or you’ll just end up eating meals alone.

This character will drag out the nights just long enough so that you will miss your bus going on that epic adventure of a lifetime. They’ll always ask the hostel reception what the deals are on drinks, which is fine, but then they’ll drink until they start asking the locals about drug hookups. Local police in your face can make any trip go sour real fast.

Person with a partner back home
This is maybe the worst TB of all. Plan on having more of that unexpected alone time as your TB lives on Skype. Worst (maybe best) case scenario, they end up not being able to take the separation from their lover and they leave you all together.


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