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Don't Disappoint this Year: 6 Best Activities to do with your Mom this Mother's Day

Superhero with mother

We’re all guilty of it. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, often time that which has put the most time and effort into us loses priority. I’m not talking about the wives, the girlfriends, and I’m damn sure not talking about the Xbox. It’s our moms, folks. The reality is, and no matter how cool we think we are, our mom’s are the closest person we’ve ever been to; anatomically and emotionally. Yes, I made a pregnant joke. Which leads me to my point: Pregnancy. There are few things as gruesome (and frankly, stomach-churning) as a women giving birth. But she did that for you. That means each and every mother deserves at least one day of appreciation out of the year. This Mother’s Day, show your mom that you love her with these simple but effective activities.

Hit the Park
There’s no better chance to spend some quality time with your mom than an afternoon at the park. Remember, the key to a good time with your mom is pretty simple: joyfully spending time with her. If you’re older, chances are your mother isn’t quite satisfied with the amount of time you spend with her. If you’re younger, then a park is the perfect venue to walk around and talk; but that brings about a major concern: “What should I talk about?!”. Fear not, well intentioned reader, I’ve compiled a list of worthy topics that will keep the conversation going:

  • Ask how she feels about the happenings of her life.
  • Talk about memories of your childhood.
  • Tell her how much you appreciate her love and care.
  • If need be, discuss how well she’s aged compared to Mrs. Johnson a couple houses down. That’s sure to earn some brownie points.

Go Get Photographed
The reality behind a good performance this Mother’s Day is tragic and grim. It’s unfortunate, but the level of her enjoyment to yours will likely be inversely proportional. It is because this logic that hesitate to mention this effective mother’s day activity. We all remember the horror stories of clowns incessantly trying get a smile out of us. But rest assured, your experience this time around will likely not be the inspiration of subsequent nightmares. Book an appointment and go to a place that you and your mother share some memories. This eloquent display of appreciation is sure to stick in her memory for years to come.

Visit a Flea Market
Believe it or not, the flea market is an excellent place for one to spend some time with his mother. It’s no mystery, mother’s are typically good shoppers. On this special day, why not break tradition and shop for something a little more… rustic? The truth is, there’s a story, impression, or laugh behind just about anything found at a flea market. Spot a fluffy hat? Slap that puppy on and coax a laugh out of your mother, she’ll appreciate the time spent with her.

Go Pick some Flowers
It’s a classic move, but with a hint of individuality. Rather than going to the local florist, why not take your mother to collect flowers? Not only do you show your mom your sensitive side, but you save a little money in the progress. Not that your mother’s not worth it, but isn’t every mother for saving a little cash?  Feel free to cite any time that your favorite toy was just a “little too expensive”. A few hours later, a ten dollar vase from Wal Mart, and your afternoon picking flowers can take it’s place at the center of your mother’s dinner table.

Go Classic: Breakfast in Bed
If it was good enough for countless mother’s throughout history, then it’ll be good enough for your mother. Saving her the trouble of getting up early and preparing food will speak measures about your appreciation of her. But be prepared to go all out. That means you need to make sure you have the toast, the OJ, the bacon, and the eggs. Ordinarily I’d say add a little spark of individualism to your recipe, but this is no time for experimentation. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. A simple yet elegant breakfast in bed is a great way to start off this mother’s day.

Go… Brace Yourself… to the Mall
This is not for the faint of heart; and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Memories of standing outside shop after shop is sure to detour you from this activity, but remember what I said about your pleasure and hers being inversely proportional? Shopping is a favorite past time of mom’s world wide, and you’d make the perfect packmule. It’s about sacrifice, remember? So put on your happy face and enjoy an afternoon carrying your mother’s bags from store to store.


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