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4 Essentials for Music Festival Season


By Carolyn Dean

Staff Writer

Ear Plugs
First and most vital to your sanity will be earplugs. These seemingly small and incidental items will allow you to sleep soundly while the rest of the campground parties on. If you are a new to music festivals you will quickly discover that the music never really stops.  Most campgrounds will have secondary stages for those night owls to dance all night long.  While they usually play some awesome music, there is nothing worse than a crappy night of sleep just to do it all over the next day.  So bring your earplugs and a silent night sleep will leave you refreshed and pumped for the next days adventure.

The next item I would recommend is a Camelbak.  Not only does the camel back help with carrying things around, it also encourages staying hydrated which is CRITCAL when your spending your days dancing, sweating, and partying in the hot sun. Your Camelback will also double as a shower.  While some hippies vow against showering for the duration, I find it refreshing and exhilarating to shower after getting covered all day in mud and sweat. By simply holding or hanging the bladder higher than the straw, the water will come out pressurized while squeezing the mouthpiece and voila, like magic you have got yourself a refreshing handheld shower.

Most people will not have this one, but it will absolutely make your festival experience if you’re willing to spend the money, that is on a pop up canopy.  They cost around $100 bucks and you will most likely spend your day gathering under and around it.  It will shade you from the sun and rain, act as a center for your site, and make your site visible when you’re trekking through the abyss that I like to call Tent Ville. I have also seen people put their tents under the canopy to protect them from rain and the heat of the morning sun.

Air Mattress
This one may seem a little high class, but your sleep is one of the most important factors to having a successful time, therefore an air mattress has become an essential item on my packing list. Since I started sleeping with an air mattress, I will never return to the ground.  Every night I was able to get good restful sleep and that completed the happiness of my experience. They are very affordable, just make sure you bring a portable pump and your body will unconditionally thank you.

Whether its your first festival or you have been going since Woodstock 69, Adding these couple items to your list will improve your festival experience exponentially. Along with good vibes, friends, and awesome music, this summer will surely turn into one you will never forget.


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