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Cinco De Mayo 2013: 6 Best Beers to Taste Abroad

Let’s be honest with ourselves, Pacsafers don’t need an excuse to experiment with exotic brews. But, when the fifth of May rolls around, the perfect opportunity to dip our tastebuds south of the border is too present to resist. But this temptation is nothing new, the craft of brewing beer has been a defining part of Latin culture for centuries.  In fact, when Columbus made his inaugural voyage to the Americas, the indigenous population offered him a fermented refreshment brewed from corn. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on brewing, but here’s my logic: if it’s good enough for Columbus, it’s good enough for me.

This May, why not get away from the mundane?  Here are the six Cerveza that you can’t miss this Cinco De Mayo:

Negra ModeloNegra Modelo
If you’re craving a sabbatical from typical wheat based lager, grab a Negra Modelo and enjoy the savory hops of this dark alternative. A staple at any Mexican restaurant, this beer compliments a plate of hot tamales with it’s dark but sweet texture. If you don’t intend to sit down for a meal, fear not, Negra Modelo’s unique taste is interesting even when flying solo. At first taste, Negra Modelo has a certain crispy apple hint, but that soon gives way to the hoppy bitterness. But despite it’s darker amber body, Negra Modelo firmly belongs in the sweet category. So, if you’re the type that flees from hoppy bitterness, Negra Modelo could be the happy medium you’ve been waiting for.



Bohemia C1Bohemia Clasica
Bohemia is the oldest and most established pale-lager in Mexico, and it shows. Should you decide on this pilsner style brew, you’ll quickly understand why Bohemia has been a staple of Mexican brewing for years. Bohemia has a distinctly sweet grain impression that is sure to catch your attention. The first sip intrigues with a subtle fruity zest. But, atypical of Mexican pale-lagers, the sweetness of subtle fruit and roasted barley is replaced by a uniquely Bohemian cocoa bitterness. This is a lighter beer, but don’t let that detour you. Bohemia Clasica is a must for anyone wanting to diversify their lager portfolio.



Dos Equis AmbarDos Equis Ambar
No list of Mexican beer would be complete without the mentioning of this iconic brew. Dos Equis, a Vienna Lager, is among the last of a dying breed. A quick lesson in history: in the 19th century, many Germans and Austrians, including the brief Emperor of Mexico: Maximilian 1, immigrated to Mexico. Their presence brought much European influence; most notably, the brewing tradition. But while brewing in Mexico remained recognizably European (hence the Vienna Lager), brewing trends in Germany took a new turn: the full bodied golden lager. Dos Equis is a nostalgic look at European brewing from centuries past. Why break tradition? Grab a red-tinted Dos Equis and experience a Viennea Lager for yourself.



Carta BlancaCarta Blanca
Smooth. That just about sums it up. Carta Blanca has established itself among Mexican brews with its drinkability and complimentary flavor. Want to grab a bite to eat? Carta Blanca perfectly compliments your choice Mexican dish. It’s light yellow color is not typical of lagers, but neither is it’s uniquely sweet flavor. If you don’t fancy the hoppy bite of many Mexican brews, Carta Blanca is for you. Described as “the working man’s beer”, it begs the questions: Are you a man?

Do yourself a favor, and try this Mexican lager.



For those of you with a sweet tooth, Pacifico is the brew for you. It’s refreshing honey lemon flavor keeps you interested sip after sip. But this is no lolly-pop beer. Pacifico packs an interesting bitterness that when combined with a lemon zest, gives this beer personality. Pacifico is brewed in Mazatlán, where it remains the pride and joy of the Mexican Pacific Coast. Most notably, Pacifico is widely thought superior to it’s closely related cousin, Corona, that holds the title as Mexico’s top beer export.



“Sol” is Spanish for “Sunny”, and this Mexican brew certainly fits the bill. It’s light yellow color could be deceptive to anyone who equates “light” with “lacking in flavor”. Sol packs an impressive punch that is sure to peek your interest. It’s impressive flavor is rich, but not heavy as would be expected of similar brews. Sol makes wedging a lemon down the neck an unnecessary exploit of habit. No flavor supplement necessary here. It’s drinkability and impressive standalone flavor make Sol a beer you cannot miss this Cinco De Mayo.


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