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The Last Line of Defense Cannot Be Trusted


As more people than ever are taking to the skies again, security is as tight as ever – for the customers. But what about those that work in the airports? A special report by NBC 5 unveiled numerous police reports of airline workers, pilots, government officials and even TSA that have been abusing their badges around the airports.

For some of these workers they are bringing family around the checkpoints. A Continental Airlines worker at the Dallas/Fort Worth International airport was caught taking his family around the security checkpoints to get them to their terminal quicker. The only reason they were caught was a police officer thought he heard the sound of children laughing. The DFW police seized his badge and the worker is no longer employed there.

AA043963The NBC report also reveals that Fred Cleveland, a senior vice president and chief operating officer at American Eagle Airlines was caught escorting his wife past security to meet up with their daughter. DFW police seized his security badge as well. Despite the fact that he blatantly disregarded the protocol, he is back in training to get his badge back.

What does all of this mean for you and me?

It is important that we are able to trust those that screen, give clearance to and protect us. If we can’t trust those that are supposedly the last line of defense, then what else can we do? Write to the airline you fly with the most, the airports you frequent the greatest, and let the issue be known – we need to be able to trust you!

By James Kennedy


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