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7 Best Beaches to Bare it All

Drop those trunks- It’s time to get frisky and little bit risky this summer. Here is a list of 7 of the world’s best nude beaches to taste freedom in a whole new way.


Haulover Beach- Miami, FL
The warm South Florida water and even warmer, sunny climate will keep you from getting nipply at this treasured North Miami nudey beach. Visitors flock from all over the globe to let the hot southern sun banish every little tan line.


Plage de Tahiti- St. Tropez, France
Rub more than just shoulders with the rich and famous at this classic bod baring seashore. Just remember- no cameras allowed! Isn’t it more satisfying to catch your favorite celebrity buffing it in real life instead of in tabloids anyways?


Tulum Beach- Tulum, Mexico
Your wet dreams will come true here- with the turquoise blue ocean water and plethora of natural freshwater swimming pools that is! Sink your naked feet into the fine white sand and gawk all you want at that spectacular all natural view- of ancient Mayan ruins and rain forest, of course!


Swanbourne Beach- Perth, Australia
Bare it all with no shame at this white sand beach, as everyone must take it off since clothed individuals are viewed as “gawkers”. You might be interested in the famous Nude Beach Olympics- jiggle your way to gold with tug-of-war, three legged races and a “best bum” contest.


Black’s beach- La Jolla, CA
One of the largest nude beaches in the U.S., this well known Pacific hang out is perfect for breaking out that birthday suit. Enjoy the large, towering bluffs and long stretch of shoreline.


Hippie Hollow Park- Lake Travis, TX
Feeling free as a hippie? Check out Hippie Hollow Park, a famous nude swimming hole on the shores of Travis Lake used by hippies during the 1960’s. Yea, it’s not the ocean, but the unique history and rugged landscape make it a welcomed change to the same old beach scene.


Praia do Pinho- Santa Catarina, Brazil
“Clothing is not an option.” This is the supreme motto of the first sanctioned Brazilian bare it all beach. You can’t get anymore tropical or exotic.



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