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A Paradise Everyone can Appreciate


You’re used to camping in tents, going rock climbing, and roughing it in the wilderness. Unfortunately, your partners in travel envision your next expedition as a relaxing weekend on the beach, with all of life’s accommodations readily available.

And despite a past of loyal friendship, you wonder if this could be the breaking point.

160534396Before you break up, lose your closest friend, or offend your family, consider El Capitan Canyon. El Capitan … sounds sophisticated; and Canyon, well that sounds pretty rugged. That’s about all it is. One of the greatest mixes of comfort and outdoor adventure, known for having one of the widest ranges of nature lodging accommodations in the US. Located in Southern California near Santa Barbara beach, the Gaviota Coast, the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains, you really can’t go wrong. And the weather… sunny 300 days of the year,  which means there’s hardly a bad time to go.

Consider the options at El Captitan Canyon, where there really is something for everyone. Let your next vacation be something everyone can enjoy, instead of a test of your patience.


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