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Best Botanical Gardens in the World

Exotic flowers, pristine landscapes and ancient water fountains are some of the best features of a botanical garden. Nature lovers and photographers meander through vibrant paths of spectacular landscape architecture, which may have visitors believe they are walking through planet “Avatar.” Creators of botanical gardens have strategically placed various plant life throughout the gardens to surprise visitors each season with something new and exciting to view and photograph.


Butchart Gardens | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
This 55 acre world premier show floral garden stuns visitors from the moment of entry. The British inspired Garden features an array of traditional and asian landscape displays. One of the most popular photographic areas of the park is a top of the famous staircase that overlooks a meandering arena of flower beds and rock path. If the weather is not up to par, sip tea in the Blue Poppy restaurant or eat lunch in the scenic dining room. Visit during Christmas to view a magnificent display of Christmas lights.
Montreal Botanical Gardens | Montreal, Canada
As the French say, “Jarden Botanique,” is an extraordinary, eye-stunning garden, which contains 22,000 plant species and cultivars. The garden also includes 10 exhibition greenhouses with some 30 themes gardens amongst the manicured grounds. With plants from all four corners of the globe, visitors forget they are minutes away from downtown Montreal.
Gardens by the Bay | Singapore
This progressive, modern-day garden is more than a display of pretty flowers. It’s an integration of architectural and botanical genius to showcase one sight everyone must see in their lifetime.  As you walk throughout “Pandora’s Biosphere”, get ready to transform yourself into a human-hybrid “avatar,” as you walk through Supertree Grove. These giant, man-made trees are environmentally sustainable and provide shade in the day and becomes a light show by night.
Kew Royal Botanical Gardens | London, EnglandKew Royal Botanical Gardens | London, England
Spending an afternoon in the Kews gardens while sipping tea is very much an, “English thing to do.” Established in 1759, feel like Queen Elizabeth for a day as you sachet through 300 acres of land. The garden is rich with spring and summer blooms such as: under flowers, crocuses, daffodils and cherry trees. Fall embraces foliage through the Tree Top Walk and winter brings visitors indoors with art and glasshouses.

New York Botanical Gardens | New York, New York
This kingdom of plants comprises of 50 gardens and more than 7 million botanical specimens. Be sure to visit the 50-acres of old growth forest, which is located in the heart of the garden. The garden features a Victorian-era Green house “crystal palace,”Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden, rock garden and 37-acre conifer collection.
Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden | Big Island Hawaii
This tropical sanctuary is known as, “The Garden in a Valley on the Ocean.” Walk the various trails to view the exotic flowers, pristine waterfalls and ocean coastline. This “Heaven on Earth,” attracts various species of birds, and this vibrant garden displays a pure tropical scenery.


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