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5 of America's Weirdest Sights

It’s time to get weird. Take a break from the norm and explore America’s many eccentric wonders. Here’s a list of five odd yet alluring attractions worth a gander.


Marfa Lights
Imagine that on a clear night in your hometown, the sky is brightened with the brilliant glow of inexplicable green-yellow orbs just flitting about, vanishing and reappearing without a care in the world. The folks in Marfa, TX experience this phenomenon on the daily, and even have a three-day festival in honor of the dancing orbs.


Oregon Vortex
This peculiar place has been a puzzler since it first appeared in the 1930s. Visit the “House of Mystery” in Gold Hill, Oregon and you will witness a supernatural slant that causes brooms to stand on their own, objects to roll uphill and visitors seemingly grow and shrink as they walk throughout the house. Optical illusion? Magnetic fields? You be the judge.


Twine Ball
This is a story about a man and his twine ball. On a fine day in 1950, Francis A. Johnson decided to sit on his porch in Darwin, MN and started wrapping twine into a ball. He wrapped for hours each day until his death in 1989. All that was left was a 17,400 lb ball of twine, measuring 40 ft around. Thousands of cats travel from all over the world, lured by the twine ball….just kidding…but seriously, visitors partake in the Twine Ball Days Festival in August in celebration of this incredulous feat.

Desert of Maine 1

Desert of Maine
So..there’s a desert in Maine. And I mean soft golden sand, poor soil and higher temperatures than what the rest of this northern U.S. state. Explanation? A moving glacier crossed the 300-acre stretch leaving a ton of sand in its path about 11,000 years ago. Throughout the years farmers have toyed with the soil, trying to get something to grow, but the Sahara like environment persists and draws spectators year round.


Coral Castle
In the heart of Miami, FL lays a sight that seems a little bit out of place in the urban tropics.  A carefully constructed garden of giant carved rocks lay stacked and intricately placed, known as the Coral Castle. I know that doesn’t sound so weird, but the story of its construction is quite baffling, because it was built entirely by one 100 lb 5 ft man by the name of Ed Leedskalnin. He kept construction very private, claiming he used the same secret technique the ancient Egyptians used to build the pyramids, and anyone can learn to do it. To this day, no one knows how the massive solid rock sculptures came to be, and Leedskalnin has long since been laid to rest with his superpower secret.




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