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Best Sites to see while Driving California Route 1

1California’s legendary Pacific Coast Highway Route 1 meanders along California’s coast from Northern Mendocino to Los Angeles. If car commercials get you excited, than get ready for one amazing road trip as Route 1 is the west coast’s gateway to nature and luxury. To better enjoy the Californian sun, rent a convertible to catch some rays. Just note while having fun, keep an eye on the gas gauge as there are some areas where a gas station is not available for up to 40 miles. While cruising on through, these are some must-visit cities or landmarks to further enhance the Californian experience.

Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
Beautifully situated on California’s coast, overlooking the Pacific Ocean is the town of Santa Barbara. The Spanish architecture makes believe that one is walking through Europe, instead of California. Walk through State Street, which is the most vibrant street featuring cafes, bars and restaurants. Read in the bookstore by day, dance in the nightclub at dusk for an enjoyable experience.
Monterey BayMonterey Bay
Visitors can easily spend several days in Monterey Bay. Love marine life? If so, stop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is located right on the shoreline. For a more active visit, kayak the bay for an encounter to see otters or hike or bike the 18-mile Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail.
Ostrichland USAOstrichland USA
As the drive maybe beautiful, visiting a ostrich farm is well, unique. Located in Solvang, California, which is a close drive from the highway. Meet, greet and feed baby or adult ostriches or an emu. If you like cooking, purchase a pack of ostrich eggs to whip up one large and tasty omelet.  Fun fact is that Ostrichland bird’s were featured in the movie Sideways.
Hearst CastleHearst Castle
Located in San Simeon is Hearst Castle, which is part of California’s State Park system. The grounds feature an integration of nature, art and historical activities. Take a dip in the Neptune Pool or explore the gardens for a heart-healthy, active day. Discover the in-depth history of the campus through a tour and gaze at the art collection of the Hearst Family, some dated since the 15th – 16th Century.
Bixby Bridge
Bixby Bridge
This arch bridge is located in Big Sur on Route 1. Arching several hundred feet in the air, visitors are treated to a magnificent ocean view. The bridge is a symbol of the Pacific Coast Highway, which brought relief to many Californian’s during the Great Depression. The bridge is massive and the views are dramatic, bring your camera.


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