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6 Most Stress-free Beach Destinations

In general, beach destinations are calm, relaxing and serene. However, many main tourist beaches such as Waikiki or Long Beach are far from relaxing. Many beaches are flooded with people and activities, thus creating a more vibrant than relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking to kick back and relax, these are some of the world’s most serene and stress-free beaches.
mh1Molokai, Hawaii
Molokai, often referred to as Hawaii’s “real” island, has no commercial development nor working traffic lights. Molokai’s pristine, remote beaches are relaxing to the point where you maybe the only person on the beach for hours. Papohaku Beach, located 50 miles from Kaunakakai, is known to be one of the most relaxing beaches on the island. Swimmers beware of dangerous tides during the winter months. The island is a breeze to get around via car.

caCoolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia
The northern part of the Gold Coast is bustling with tourists, cafes and of course beach go-ers. Head south to the Gold Coast’s most southern coastal town, Coolangatta. Soak up the sun as you listen to sound of the crashing waves hit shore. Watch no one, but your-self relax or take a dip in the aqua-blue Pacific Ocean. Don’t worry your not located in the middle of no-where, actually situated on the Queensland and New South Wales border, so if you get hungry food is located a block from the beach. Another stress-free feature is that the beach is easily accessible via public transportation. Rentals cars are not required.
A country comprised of over 1,000 small islands features picture-perfect shoreline and white sand beaches. Stress is not an option when you are located in the middle of the ocean with nothing but sun, sand and sea. The only worries you will experience is whether you will drink coffee or cocktails or what palm tree you will sit underneath.  When not relaxing on the beach, visitors explore the ocean through swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving.
fiVanua Levu Island, Fiji
Fiji, another tropical paradise, treats tourists to picturesque beaches and delicious coconuts. Vanua Levu is Fiji’s second largest island, and consists of isolation and Fijian culture. The first-class diving is one hidden experience that must be seen. Tropical, vibrant colors fill the sea and calms the mind. Head inland to the rain-forest area to get a dose of heavenly, lush forest.
Huahine Beaches, TahitiHuahine Beaches, Tahiti
The beaches of Huahine are remote and stunning. Vaitu Beach shoreline is sprinkled with small boats as the beach is left untouched or unvisited. Ara’ara Beach is a surfing beach located in southern Huahine. Chill on the beach, watch the surfers catch waves or read a book. It’s the ultimate chill-out spot to be alone and one with the ocean. The sand is coral and rocky, so be careful where you step when snapping photographs of this amazing beach.
svCanouan, St. Vincent 
Located in the Grenadines is this small three mile long, boot-shape island. Accessible via plane, stay at the luxurious Canouan Resort for a touch of tranquility and class. The island contains approximately 1,200 residents; therefore, the only stress you’ll encounter is what bathing suit to where for the day. Bring your camera as the resort’s beaches are a conglomerate of green, aqua and blue hues to be a postcard perfect sight.


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