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Easter 2013: Relax to the Max

emEvery year, Easter rolls around at a time when rest is needed most. Situated conveniently after a teeming spring “break”, Easter sits at the time of year when the preceding months have left you exhausted, yet summer is still teasing from a distance. But let’s be not kid ourselves; at times, a day spent with the extended family doesn’t quite fit the definition of comfort and relaxation.

While we all enjoy the fellowship of the in-laws, the child’s thunderous pursuit of easter eggs, and the curious bunny shaped foods that we purchase in festive obligation, there is a way to experience this holiday with minimum stress and maximum relaxation.

The truth is, when done right, Easter can leave you feeling as warm and fuzzy as the marketing-spawned bunny decorating your front lawn. Do yourself a favor, remember that Easter is a holiday, and treat it as such. The candy will still get eaten, I can assure you.

Grab a read
Take a break from the commotion of food preparation and finish off that novel you’ve been meaning to. Whether it’s Bilbo and his dwarvish cohort’s journey, or the concerning vampire love story you once started, Easter is a time to relax and enjoy the beautiful March air.

gtGet some Tunes
If you’re one of those lucky few that can fall asleep to the progressive sounds of Justin Timberlake’s latest effort, why not used this holiday to exercise your gift? Grab the Ipod, the buds, and crank it. It’s no mystery, good tunes go hand in hand with comfort and relaxation. You’ve worked hard.

Grab a hammock
There’s no stressful problem that a hammock, you’re favorite spot, and a little piece of sunshine can’t fix. Lullaby yourself with the rhythmic swaying of the March winds. Should you be bothered by the pokes of nieces and nephews, a hammock is the perfect situation to demonstrate the art of sleep acting. Besides, sunday is the day of rest, right?

gdGrab some Cold Ones
Now, I don’t advocate rampant intoxication, and alcohol would surely cause the volume level of your family get together to become uncomfortably loud- not quite what we’re  going for here. But there’s nothing like an ice cold brew to complete that perfect relaxing holiday. For the youngsters and recovering alcoholics among us, the fun doesn’t stop there. Grocery stores shelves are full of convenient juices that make for a great relaxing Easter lounging around. Remember those juice pouches that were consumed by the boxful back in the day? KoolAid Bursts and Capri Sun are appropriate thirst quenchers that minimize the potentials for spilling all over yourself- a real probability if you’re anything like me, and getting in and out of a hammock or chair is a display of theatric comedy.

Tie up a Slack Line
Of course, if you have trouble getting out of a hammock, a slack line may not be a regular pass time for you. But for the more fortunately put together guys and gals, a slack line can be a therapeutic experience. The focus it requires to suspend balanced over a stretched line has a way of blocking out the peripheral happenings of life. And gravity trying its hardest to force you to the ground puts the due dates and bottoms lines of life into perspective. So find two trees, a couple friends, and a slack line for a relaxing day in the sun.


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