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5 Beautiful Places to See Spring Flowers

Ahh Spring. Thoughts of flowers, sunshine, warmth, and happy feelings. If you’re a student or teacher and need some ideas for your Spring Break coming up, why not go somewhere with tons of blooming floral to see? Here are five of the best places to see flowers on your break.

Tulip FestivalNoordoostpolder – Netherlands
When you think of the Netherlands you might imagine the harsh mountain regions, or perhaps villages that call to mind a simpler time in the world. What you might not be aware of is that they love their tulips. Yup. Their Tulpenfestival (or, Tulip Festival) is definitely a sight to see. Thousands of visitors from all over come to see the carefully cultivated fields of tulips each year from mid April to early May.

dhHolland – Michigan
“Wait, Holland again?” Yes, but this time I’m not talking about the western region of the Netherlands. The Tulip Time Festival of Holland Michigan has been going on since 1929 and has grown much since it’s humble beginnings. The town itself has been named America’s Best Small Town by Readers Digest, and this celebration of Dutch heritage has been named as one of the top 20 events in the world by the International Festival and Events Association. There is tent and RV camping available for a low fee, as well as major hotels and smaller B&B around the town. The events take place in early May.

dcDistrict of Columbia
In 1912, Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo gifted 3,000 cherry trees to the city of Washington, DC. What started as a way of ensuring good relations between two countries that had been at strife with each other for so long has turned into one of the biggest festivals of the Continental States, bringing over 1.5 million visitors to DC each year – the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Visit the grand museums of the Smithsonian (most of which are free) and take a stroll along the bay. The best time to see these beautiful trees is early-to-mid April.

ffMadeira – Portugal
Madeira is a small archipelago (small chain of islands) off of Portugal, and they have what they call The Flower Festival. They feature a parade with floats, the scent of floral spices floating through the air, and something for the children called ‘Wall of Hope.’ The kids place flowers on top of each other to create a wall that symbolises “the hope for a better and more peaceful world.” There are also activities such as the making of flower carpets, shop window decorating, and traditional music performances.

ceCotswold – England
If you’ve ever been to England then you know there is much more to European culture than Downton Abbey. One of the big attractions of this romantic land are the gardens of Cotswold. Cotswold is an area of rolling hills, and stunning arrays of flowers. If you plan to travel there during March or April, you would be there in good time to see some camellias, bluebells, crocuses, daffodils, magnolias, and some early rhododendrons among others. If all the flowers get to be too much for you, stop in Corinium museum for some Roman history and artifacts.

By James Kennedy


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