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The 6 Best Bungee Jump Bases

The 6 Best Bungee Jump BasesBungee jumping is a thrill-seeking experience that involves jumping from a moving or a fixed base while attached to a bungee cord.  Bungee jumping either becomes an addiction from the quick adrenaline rush or a one-time-only experience.  Prospective jumpers have a world of bases to jump from, but only a select few are known as the tallest and best bases around. If you are in the market for bungee jumping, these bases feature beautiful landscapes as you plunge toward planet earth.

Bloukrans Bridge | South Africa
The Bloukrans Bridge bungee base soars high at 709 feet (216 meters) above the Bloukrans River. This is the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee base, and served various public figures and shows like “The Amazing Race.” The bridge is located on the West Cape and East Cape border of South Africa. Jumpers are treated to a scenic, natural view of Tsitsikamma area of the Garden Route.

Nevis Bungy | Queenstown, New Zealand
Catch a quick glimpse of beauty as you sore from New Zealand’s highest bungee base, The Nevis. Jumpers plunge from a high-wire cable car that is located 439 feet (134 meters) above the Nevis River. The cable is attached between valley walls, and jumpers get the jitters as they wait high in the sky and transport to the cable car via a gondola. The jump lasts approximately 8.5 seconds, but is worth travel on backcountry roads to this remote area.

Macau Tower | China
This platform soars high at 764 feet (233 meters) in the sky, and is the world’s highest bungee base. Certified by the Guinness World Records, a 60 second elevator ride soon releases jumpers to the observatory deck to get attached to the 50-foot bungee cord. The free fall takes approximately six seconds and rebounds around 30 meters away from the ground.

Verzasca Dam | Val Verzasca, Switzerland
Verzasca Dam is the world’s largest off-ground bungee base that is located 220 meters in air. This famous base was showcased in the opening sequence of the 007 “Golden Eye” film. Jumpers catch a glimpse of the Swiss Alps and the Azure River. For those who are more interested in an adrenaline rush then nature can choose to bungee backward or in the night sky. The Dam is open April through October for jumping.

Volcano Bungee | Pucon, Chile
This bungee base is unlike any other bungee in the world. The Volcano Bungee is not only known as the most dangerous bungee in the world, but jumpers plunge over an active volcano. The base is a helicopter, which glides at 10,000 feet in the air to get toward the hovering position. Jumpers nose-dive over the volcano’s dome, leaving jumpers about 700 feet dangling above lava. Jumpers who visit Pucon on a vacation package have the opportunity to plunge toward fire as part of the $12,500 trip.

Ultimate Bungee | Nepal
Jump from the remarkable steel, suspension bridge located above the Bhote Kosi River near the Nepal / Tibet border. Built specifically for bungee, jumpers get a view of the Himalayas as they drop 500 feet (160 meters) in the air. This jump is known to be one of the longest free falls in the world. The base is located approximately three hours drive from Kathmandu.






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