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The World’s 7 Weirdest Hotels

The World’s 7 Weirdest HotelsTravelers who return home often have a story or two to share with friends and family. However, most of the time conversations do not include how unique or weird was the hotel structure. From strange interior design to beating the heat while sleeping underground, these are the world’s most bizarre hotels.

Propeller Island City Lodge | Berlin, Germany
Berlin is known for it’s unique qualities such as graffiti on every structure or the carefree drinking culture. However, the unique-ness does not stop there. Berlin artist, Curric Lars Stroschen, created the hotel’s interior.  Guests stay in a world of art through the Flying-Bed room, Gruft’s sleeping coffins or the Asian inspired Temple. If you love the way you look in the mirror, stay in the mirror room for the ultimate viewing experience.  Each room is uniquely designed to a different theme. So if you want to reminisce about your grandmother, stay in Grandma’s Room for only $99 Euro per night. 

Sorrisniva | Alta, NorwaySorrisniva | Alta, Norway
Located in northern Norway, within the Artic Circle, is Sorrisniva – the true Igloo hotel. Situated just over 12 miles from Alta’s town center and near the Alta River is this snow and ice hotel.  The hotel contains 30 rooms and even the beds are made of ice. The décor is chilly as exquisite ice sculptures are the main form of artistry in the hotel. The hotel’s temperature fluctuates between a whopping -4 to -7 degrees. However, guests sleep on reindeer hides inside sleeping bags, which keep bodies warm in up to -30 degree weather. Need the heat? The hotel contains two hot tubs.  The hotel operates mid-January through mid-April.

Desert Cave Hotel | Coober Pedy, Outback, AustraliaDesert Cave Hotel | Coober Pedy, Outback, Australia
The Outback gets hot. Extremely hot. It is so hot that guests have to sleep and hangout underground to avoid heat exhaustion or possible death. The rooms are quiet, dark and surprisingly airy. It maybe some of the best sleep you get, as noise does not travel as it does above ground. This award winning-hotel features the ultimate “dug-out” experience with shopping, dining and free Wi-Fi when travelers are not searching for opal in the desert.

Das Park Hotel | Linz, AustriaDas Park Hotel | Linz, Austria
Another brilliant and creative European idea was to create a hotel out of repurposed drainpipes.  Yes, these are sanitized drainpipes. Although the outside maybe bleak and dull, insides these pipes are trendy and quaint rooms.  Dining and toiletries are found on the campus grounds, but in a new-modern style of infrastructure. The best part of this project is the “pay as you wish” method. Guests pay what they feel is affordable for their budget and what is fair for the hotel.

Magic Mountain Hotel | Panguipulli, ChileMagic Mountain Hotel | Panguipulli, Chile
Legend has it that this hotel is more than sleeping in a mountain that features a cascading waterfall on the top. History comes to life as guests experience what life was like in the birth of native forests. Standard, suites and bunked rooms are available for booking. One of the most unique features are the tubs built in ancient trunks, which contain naturally heated water. Guests also relax at the spa, pool, sauna or Jacuzzi while they get in touch with nature.

Sanya Nanshan Treehouse | Jiangsu, ChinaSanya Nanshan Treehouse | Jiangsu, China
If in China and you want a unique beachfront hotel, stay above ground in a treehouse. These treehouse rooms are built in the tamarind trees and some are only accessible via a suspension bridge. The Hawaiian Hale Treehouse holds up to 20 individuals and is three stories in height. Oceans views of the South China Sea are visible from the treehouse.

Jules Underwater Lodge | Key Largo, Florida
This retired research lab is now the world’s first underwater hotel.  The hotel rests five feet from a tropical lagoon, and is only accessible via scuba diving. To enter the hotel divers travel 21 feet from the surface and enter through the base of the hotel. This natural nursery is home to a variety of reef fish and aquatic life. When not staring at sea-life, guests can read books, watch movies, or scuba dive in the front yard.


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