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6 Reasons to Travel With Your Honey

6 Reasons to Travel With Your HoneyTraveling abroad with the one you like/tolerate/booty call regularly/love can be very revealing. Nothing tests new relationships like a week long backpacking trip, or a month-long trek through some exotic land. While the prospect of traveling with a potential mate can be intimidating and may end in disaster, it can also result in a fortified relationship. If you make it out the other end with stars in your eyes then you’ve passed with flying colors. However, if the mere sound of their chewing starts to drive you up the wall, you might reconsider changing your relationship status.

Fight or Flight
Traveling solo, with good friends, and with family can be risky. Throw in a romantic partner and the outcome seems increasingly unpredictable. One great thing, and sometimes awful thing, about travel is that it can often reveal freakishly stressful events. Traveling with your partner and working through these events might help strengthen your relationship. Will he fight that embittered old lady for that cab? Or will he suggest an alternative route? Will he keep calm if he loses his passport or will he throw himself into the nearest body of water? Hopefully you won’t encounter anything that extreme, however if you do, it might quickly reveal the type of person you are involving yourself with.

t2A touch of the flu
An inevitable part of travel is often food poisoning (at least if you’re having fun). If you do find yourself worshipping the porcelain God, you might soon find whether your travel partner is as stalwart as an old ship, or as flighty as … something flighty. If he/she’s a “hold your hair back” kind of person then that’s a good sign. If they start wretching next to you, it might be time to reevaluated the rest of your journey.

How do they haggle?
Do they get over zealous and aggressive or do they shy away as soon as the haggling begins? Finding someone who can be firm, but not take themselves too seriously is a real treat! Furthermore, if they’re able to walk away from a bad deal without having their underwear in a twist it might reveal an easygoing personality.

t1Traveling with style
Everyone has a travel style. Whether you are the type that wants to relax on a beach, sipping some beverage from a coconut, or you want to hit the pavement, seeing every sight the city has to offer–your travel experience is unique. Even if you don’t have the exact same style, if you are both willing to compromise, it can still be a harmonious adventure. And with hundreds of adventures to pursue you might find a place that fits both of your travel methods.

What did they pack?
If you’re someone that prides yourself on packing light, traveling with someone carrying three bags can be difficult. If they are toting their flat iron, hair dryer, gaming system, six-pounds of hair product, or a small dog, it might be a red flag. On the other hand, if you love to be prepared for every situation, traveling with someone who is constantly asking to borrow your toothpaste or shampoo might be a nightmare!

By: Caroline Kellough


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