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5 Unconventional Romantic Date Spots


Valentines Day: the one day of the year where men frantically rack their brains for original and impressive date spots. But when the local restaurants have become redundant, you’ve watched all the DVD’s on the shelf, and exhausted all the other “go-to” ideas in your arsenal, what’s a guy to do? Next year, why not take your S/O on a crazy adventure?

Ice Hotels.
In Sweden, ICEHOTEL offers a landscape that changes year round. Prominent artists from around the world design the rooms fresh every year. The hotel hosts marriages, and also hosts snowmobile outings looking for the Northern lights. Want to get close to your significant other? Why not take them to the Ice Hotel? You’ll be guaranteed a snuggle.

Lofty Dining.
In over 40 countries, groups can plan events hosted high above the ground. At Event in the Sky, you have the option to build an event around your needs, with a small group of people, and in diverse places like Cyprus and South-Africa. Event in the Sky also hosts marriages. So, if your childhood dreams were of celestial matrimony, Events in the Sky is for you.

99791781Grand Canyon Skywalk
The canyon’s open-air skywalk is the highest man-made structure on earth. The skywalk is 70 feet from start to finish, and shows panoramic views of Arizona’s natural attraction. This transparent, horseshoe walkway perfectly displays the Colorado River, flowing 3600 feet below.  The skywalk can hold 71 fully-loaded 747 Jets and sustain a magnitude 8.0 earthquake. Owned and operated by the Hualapai Indian tribe, this iconic walkway is the perfect abstract date spot.

Tree House
This isn’t the typical hastily, yet vigilantly fashioned tree house where you spent your youth. Tree House Vinyards offer a luxury of a different kind. Hoisted 30 feet above ground, these tree-suspended bungalows are an excited venue for you and your better half. The houses feature an extended porch with four chairs where you can relax and look upon the beauty of North Carolina’s vineyards, all while sipping on your favorite glass of wine.

86540364Hiking to the Base Camp in Nepal
Walking in the foot steps of legends – there could be no better way to spend time with the Mr. or Mrs. The Everest Base Camp Trek begins and ends in Kathmandu. On this voyage there is endless potential for incredible adventure. Witness the Khumbu Ice Fall, hike to the summit of Kala Patar, or stare in awe at Everest’s summit – all while under the direction of Everest’s Base Camp Trek’s local experts.

By A.J. Miller


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