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How to Avoid Gaining that Pesky Vacation Weight

How To Avoid Gaining That Pesky Vacation Weight“I’m on vacation” is one of the most ridiculous phrases to enter American vocabulary. We act as if going on vacation alone gives us the rights to do whatever we want: eat our weight in French cheese, have two pastries for breakfast, or pay for sex. I’m here to tell you that if you go buck wild during your trip, chances are you will be paying for it when you return. Don’t get me wrong, I just ate two donuts and I’m sitting at home. However, if you’re going on vacation and don’t want to buy a new wardrobe mid travel (the Euro is effing expensive!) follow a few of these simple guidelines are you’ll be able to splurge without breaking the bank.

2Choose somewhere with public transportation
Instead of taking a taxi or renting a car, choose to go public. Cities with public transportation have lots of opportunities for walking. So even if you eat that entire deep-dish pizza, at least you can walk some of it off on your way home.

Rent a bike
Whether you’re in Amsterdam, Austin, or South Korea, renting a bike is a cheap and effective option while traveling. A lot of big cities will have cheap places to rent bikes daily or hourly.  Not only is this a wonderful way to explore the ins and outs of a new place, it’ll help keep your vacation binge eating guilt-free. Just be sure to observe traffic laws and wear a helmet!

Watch what you drink
Going to Tuscany and avoiding wine is stupid. Period. However, if you’re chugging cheap tequila in Mexico chances are you’ll be packing on the pounds, not to mention adding a few years to your liver. Much like you should while home, enjoy your drinks in moderation. This includes tasty concoctions like Avocado juice, Thai iced coffee, and horchata.

Go somewhere outdoorsy
One of the easiest ways to watch your weight while on vacation is doing something active! If you’re not an avid outdoors (wo)man, learn how to surf, ski, or rock climb. It’s a great excuse to go somewhere beautiful and you might walk away with a new outdoor hobby.

2Eat your big meal in the middle of the day
There are many reasons why Americans are much fatter than most of the rest of the world. One proposed theory is that because we eat a large meal later in the day, it is harder for our bodies to digest. At the end of the day your metabolism is winding down, getting ready for sleep. By eating in the middle of the day you are giving your body longer to digest before you turn in for the night.

Be realistic
Even if you gain a few pounds on your vacation forgive yourself. Life’s not worth living if it also isn’t worth enjoying. If you are going somewhere like Sicily or Morocco chances are this won’t be a weight-loss trip so be mentally prepared. Enjoy your food, taste delicious wine and just hit the pavement when you get back home.

By Caroline Kellough


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