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9 Unconventional McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World


There are currently more than 34,000 McDonald’s restaurants serving 68 million people in 118 countries — and if you thought they all served Big Macs and Quarter Pounders, then you’re dead wrong. Here are some of the more unusual menu items served at the Golden Arches across the globe.

1Bacon Potato Pie
Where it’s served: Japan
Shaped like the standard McD’s apple pie but blessed (or cursed) with a savory center, the Bacon Potato Pie delivers exactly what it advertises (the taters are mashed, for the record). One order will typically cost 120 Japanese yen, or $1.45.

Where it’s served: Western Europe
Yes, just as John Travolta famously attested in Pulp Fiction, you can order beer in McDonald’s restaurants throughout the nations of Western Europe, including Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. You can also order wine in some places (such as Argentina and Ecuador).

Bubur Ayam McD
Where it’s served: Indonesia and Malaysia
Bubur Ayam — a rice congee with shredded chicken, various vegetables, and soy sauce — has been a popular lunch counter item in Indonesia and Malaysia for a long time. So it was only a matter of time before the Golden Arches incorporated it into their menu in those countries — though, not surprisingly, the McD’s version is reportedly heavy on rice and skimpy on everything else.

Where it’s served: Spain
A bowl of this signature Spanish tomato soup (traditionally served cold in the summer months) costs about $3 at participating McDonald’s locations throghout Spain. Those who have ordered it describe a “nice tomato flavor with a hint of spice”, as well as the generous serving size.

Where it’s served: Japan
Arguably the most bizarre McDonald’s offering anywhere, the Gracoro features a patty filled with macaroni and cheese, shrimp, and white sauce, and covered with bread crumbs. It will either be the most awesome or most disgusting thing you ever eat (depending on your palate).

Where it’s served: New Zealand
Beets… on a burger? The Kiwiburger features a four-ounce beef patty, poached egg, and, yes, beetroot, along with all the standard fixin’s. The item was first sold in 1976, and has experienced a revival throughout New Zealand over the last few years.

McCurry Pan
Where it’s served: India
Not surprisingly, McDonald’s franchises in India are considerably more vegetarian-friendly than their other worldwide counterparts. Case in point: this hot mess of vegetables and sauce served inside a rectangular container made of bread.

Where it’s served: Canada (and sometimes Maine)
Mmm… fast food shellfish. While the Mclobster isn’t available nationwide, patrons may occasionally encounter it at New England restaurants. But the item is a stape of Canada’s McD’s circuit (in French-speaking areas, it’s known as McHomard); it appeared on menus up north as recently as last year.

Where it’s served: Costa Rica
This filling version of the traditional gallo pinto dish features a seasoned mix of rice and black beans served with eggs and sour cream. We hear the McPinto is perfect for breakfast.

By Brad Nehring


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