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Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bags and Travel Security Products

Photo Contest


We’re at it again and this time, we’re giving away a handful of our Camsafe Venture Series bags! This time it’s a photo contest and there are plenty of winners. Send in your photos from around the world, rocking our awesome gear, and get ready to win! Below is some simple rules. (Click here for full terms and conditions).

See the current entries
contest1-1024x768contest2-1024x768content3-768x1024yanga-1024x768Karen-Diaz-nebres-Miracle-Garden-300x300Wendy-Iob-Main-Pyramid-MexicoRogan-Sales-KenyaEdele-Lee-Wriede-Kerala-India-1024x768Edele-Lee-Wriede-India-1024x7681Edele-Lee-Wriede-Munnar-India-1024x256dEdele-Lee-Wriede-Train-India-1024x768Beverly-Jay-Zambia-1024x680Kelly-Green-Peruvian-Amazon-1024x768Irene-Lee-Cruz-BTS-BangkokIrene-Lee-Cruz-MaBoonKrong-BangkokIrene-Lee-Cruz-Chatuchak-Market-Bangkok-600x1024Carrie Edwards - CameroonLissete Diaz - Dubrovnik CroatiaLissete Diaz - Dubrovnik Croatia-HusbandIMG_7868IMG_8870Kim Johnson - Paris FranceKip Knight - Florence ItalyKip Knight - Paris FranceKip Knight - LOrangie ItalyAlexandra Johnson - Lake Louise BanffColleen Beattie - Prague Czech RepublicDaniel Diaz - FranceJerilyn Dilig - Cavite PhilippinesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAColleen Beattie - Edinburgh ScotlandColleen Beattie - Celsus Library Ephesus TurkeyBenedict Sy - Great Wall ChinaBenedict Sy - Beijing China 01Lesley Karges - Quebec CanadaLesley Karges - Shanghai Yu Garden BazaarLesley Karges - Beijing China - HusbandLesley Karges - Beijing ChinaLesley Karges  - Dali Three PagodasLesley Karges - Kunming Stone ForestLesley karges - Kunming Stone Forest ChinaLesley Karges - Quebec CityOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALindsay Rankin - Orkney ScotlandAgustina Lie - West javaSuzanne O'Sullivan - Pisa ItalySuzanne O'Sullivan - Rome ItalyCaroline Seawright - Melbourne AustraliaBrooke Schoenman - great wallAJ Rosalita - CambodiaTerry Winship - MalaysiaShirley M. Jones - Singapore?Indygo - Cusco PeruMaisie Han - Romelorna mendoza - Perth AustraliaThu Minh - Sapa VietnamThu Minh - Sapa Vietnam 2Willa Lavamaki - ItalyAnthony P. Maclang - KoreaAlex Ngan-Pin - buckingham palaceStacy Geskermann - BerlinStacy Geskermann - Checkpoint CharlieJorge Medina - FranceJorge Medina - Eiffel TowerJorge Medina - Mont St MichaelNicole Hurtak - JordanKatherine L. Larios - bohol philippinesSheryl U. Dela paz - PhilippinesAaron Ong - Angkor WatTracy Dollman - USAJay Adriano - Cebu Philippines 3Jay Adriano - Cebu Philippines 5Jay Adriano - Boracay Philippines 3Shelly Ann Whittet - ZambiaRuby Serrano - UnknownRuby Serrano - Philippines

Competition Rules:

1.     Pacsafe® fans are to find a landmark and take a FUN photo of themselves with their Pacsafe® bag.
2.     Photos are to be submitted to marketing@pacsafe.com along with a 25-50 word description of your photo and your full name
3.     Submitted photos will be posted on the Pacsafe® blog where each blog post will be judged by the number of Facebook “LIKES” it gets.
4.     Pacsafe® will send each contestant the link for you to share it on Facebook to get the “likes” going.
5.     More than one submission is allowed.
6.     There will be 4 winners and 4 prizes for the Top 4 Likes

Prizes – Camsafe Venture Series
1.     1st place: Camsafe™ V25 + Carrysafe™ in Mocha
2.     2nd place: Camsafe™ V16 + Carrysafe™ in Mocha
3.     3rd place: Camsafe™ V12 + Carrysafe™ in Mocha
4.     4th place: Camsafe™ V8 + Carrysafe™ in Mocha
So what are you waiting for? Send us your photos with your Pacsafe!

marketing [at] pacsafe.com!


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