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Packable Wine

Nothing is more luxurious than a glass of wine after a long day of traveling. It’s classy, it’s elegant, it’s something your mom would approve of, or maybe not. Either way, there is one thing about drinking wine on the road that is for certain, bottles are freaking heavy and hard to pack. But do not fear, there are plenty of lightweight solutions for getting your favorite grapes to your favorite destination. Behold, the all-stars of packable wine.

Franzia, you simply can’t beat a classic. This ugly duckling of the alcohol world has taken quite a beating from naysayers and yet, it can’t be beat. It’s cheap, it comes in large quantities, and most importantly for backpackers, it comes in a bag. Get rid of that useless cardboard box that surrounds your Franzia and pop that delightful bag into your backpack. If you manage to drink the entire thing, don’t forget that the bag can be inflated for a cozy travel pillow! Then again, if you do manage to empty the bag, you should have no trouble falling asleep.

GSI Outdoors – Collapsible Wine Bottle
GSI Outdoors is known for it’s ingenuous cookware sets that pack into each other like one of those Russian nesting dolls. Now, they’ve opened their eyes to one of the convenient truths of backpacking, drinking at the end of a long travel day is very enjoyable. To that end, they’ve created a line of adult beverage focused gear which include the collapsible wine bottle bag. It holds the standard 750 mL of your favorite vino and weighs next to nothing.

Box Wine
Not long ago, a few wine enthusiasts got together and made an astonishing discovery: most boxed wine tastes horrible. The difference between their discovery and that of every other person who has every consumed boxed wine was that they didn’t blame it on the box, they blamed it on the terrible wine. Now, there are several companies that are making boxed wine with, wait for it, good wine! It’s a crazy idea that is actually working. If you want a quick, easily packable solution for good wine, check out the most recent additions to the boxed wine section at your local grocery store.

Cup O’ Wine
If you’re like me, you often find that the hardest part of drinking wine is managing to get the liquid from the bottle, into the glass. It’s a chore that’s plagued mankind for thousands of years, until now. STACKED wines come in convenient plastic glasses, straight off the shelf. The only thing between you and your Chardonnay is a silly foil lid. It’s so easy, a kid could do it, which sounds devastatingly dangerous, especially considering how much the wine cups resemble harmless containers of yogurt. But, they’re cheap, light, and delicious!

Wine Glass Necklace
For many outdoors-types, drinking wine straight out of the bag you packed it in is sufficient. But, there are those that want the full experience, they want to enjoy their wine as it was meant to be enjoyed, out of an actual glass. Unfortunately, making your hostel bed, setting up a tent or running after a train are not activities conducive to holding a glass of wine. Enter the wine glass necklace, a no frills solution to the biggest challenges of the snobby trail wino. You can cook, clean, chop, and pack without spilling a drop of the Franzia you so carefully rammed amongst your dirty laundry.

By Patrick Hutchison


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