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Biggest Drops in Tourism

The international tourism industry controls billions and billions of dollars of the world’s economy. Many cities, even countries, are made or broken based on the success of their tourism industry. In an ideal world, tourism to each country would only increase, but things happen and nothing is ever constant. Natural disasters, political unrest, and violent crime are all examples of tourism-halting factors. At times, this can mean good things for the traveler as airfare, hotel, and food prices drop to woo travelers back. At other times, a drop in tourism can be a good warning to stay away. Do your research before you go and you’ll be sure to take advantage of the former scenario.

North Africa
After revolutions in Egypt and general civil unrest in many parts of northern Africa over the past few years, tourism has seen a sharp decline. In places like Egypt, that rate is expected to pick up as travelers gain trust in those regions once again. Yet other regions aren’t so lucky. Mali, for instance, and it’s holy grail of travel, Timbuktu, is essentially a tourist ghost town because of military coups last spring and ties to terrorist groups.

2011’s tsunami and nuclear disaster didn’t exactly woo travelers to come to Japan’s shores. While travel to this powerhouse of tourism is expected to pick back up, it will take some time. There is still widespread damage to many of the coastal areas and infrastructure.

Mexico is a unique tourism example, principally because of it’s focused travel areas. Sure, most tourists who go to England hang out solely in London, but if you were to take a bus to Scotland, you wouldn’t have to worry about being involved in a massive drug-related gang shootout. Not so in Mexico. While the major tourist areas are still fairly safe and quarantined to the dangers of rising drug violence, the in-between areas are seemingly only getting worse. As a result, tourism is dropping off, and fast.

Middle East
Tourism in the Middle East has been bad for years and years, and it shows very few signs of getting any better. Numbers to Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan are terrible as civil unrest continues to froth among its citizens.

In recent years, restrictions meant to protect the environment from oil have disallowed many of the largest cruise ships from making it near Antarctica. Cruise ship passengers make up the largest percentage of tourism to the end of the world, which means fewer ships and less people are making it there. Now, prices are cheaper than ever. We suggest you get going.

By Patrick Hutchison


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