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The 7 Cities with the Best Nightlife

It doesn’t matter where you come from, in every corner of the world you can find people who like to party. While the types of parties differ depending on the location, certain pockets of this amazing planet are beacons for wild behavior.  Here’s a list of the best cities on earth for experiencing nightlife.

Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Southern Spain. Not only is it a naturally beautiful island, with incredible beaches, amazing architecture and a UN World Heritage site, but it has some of the rowdiest nightlife this world has to offer. The clubs in Ibiza are massive, crazy and never seem to close, so if letting lose on a dance floor to world famous DJs is your thing then it’s definitely a place you should visit.

Rio de Janiero, Brazil
While most world renowned party cities seem to revolve around thumping clubs, Rio de Janiero takes a vastly different approach to wild nightlife. Street parties in plazas and parties on the beach are the norm here and drinking copious amounts of Caiparinha is always part of the fun. If you want to see the craziest of the crazy as far as Brazilian night life goes make sure to visit this awesome country during the epic celebration of Carnival.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Whether you are in to drinking, dancing, gambling, stripping or not sleeping Las Vegas has it all. The slogan of this adult Disney Land is ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ This is testament to the fact that crazy things happen in the city of sin almost more often than not. The ‘strip’ or main drag of this wild place has more neon-lit casino hotels then you could ever imagine.

Bangkok, Thailand
Just the name ‘Bangkok’ has a certain exotic essence to it that makes you wonder what goes on in that far, distant land. While Bangkok is a very dirty, crowded and polluted city it has some of the most unique cultural features unlike anywhere else on earth. It’s popular for tourists to come to Bangkok, specifically the famous Khoasan Road, just for the cheap liquor and wild parties that seem to last all night, every night.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
The capital of the netherlands is widely known for their relaxed drug laws and vibrant tulips. They also produce some of the best electronic DJs this world has ever heard. Combine this with friendly locals who love to have a good time and you have one of the best place to go out on this planet.

Miami, Florida, United States
This hot and wild city in the USA contains an eclectic mix of American and Latino culture. It’s just as likely that you will hear the crazy locals speaking English as Spanish which makes for a diverse range of different scenes of night life. The city is home to ULTRA, the biggest electronic music festival in the country and some of the wildest clubs east of Las Vegas. The summers are smoldering hot and humid which is perfect for the attractive, bikini clad locals who are always ready to have a good time.

Moscow, Russia

Russia used to be associated with soviet bloc housing and communism. However, the times have changed and the capital of Russia has turned into a mecca for hedonistic high rollers in search of a good time. The women are absolutely breathtaking and vodka seems to be consumed at the same rate as water. As long as you can survive the freezing cold winters, Moscow will blow your mind with it’s wild nightlife.










By Alex Vere Nicoll


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