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The Best Travel Accessories for Your iPad

I love my iPad. As a travel blogger with a lovely, but very heavy computer, this little tablet has made my life easier and my shoulder much happier. For longer trips, I generally bring both the computer and the iPad, but with a few accessories, I’ve found it’s getting easier and easier to just leave the laptop at home (as well as the obligatory five novels I always intend to read on the plane). Below are a few of my favorite iPad travel accessories that will help you maximize the efficiency and get the most out of your tablet while traveling.

RFIDtec 300 RFID Blocking Tablet Sleeve
If you have an iPad and you travel with it at all (even just to work), do yourself a favor and pick up this sleeve. Not only is it equipped with the RFIDsafe blocking material in the top back pocket (so you can store credit cards, IDs, passports), it also has a place for your Stylus (or regular old ballpoint pen), and has a stand that enables you to prop up our iPad at various angles (because trying to prop up your tablet on your tray table almost always ends disastrously).

Stylus with Lanyard
A stylus is absolutely worth bringing along. I recommend these ones from the Friendly Swede. It’s a great deal and they come with a lanyard that plugs into the headphone jack. A nice touch that will save you digging around in your bag for 10 minutes or prevent someone accidentally walking off with it. And if you don’t already have it downloaded, the Penltimate app is worth every penny (99 cents). It’s great to be able to jot down a quick note or have someone draw a map if you ever happen to be, let’s say, completely lost in Paris. It happens.

Privacy Screen
Ever been sitting on a plane minding your own business and suddenly notice that your neighbor is leaning over to read what you’re writing or reading? If you’re sitting in economy, they certainly don’t have to lean very far. A privacy screen is worth having when you’re in close proximity to others on a plane, train, or cafe and it’s always nice to know that the person sitting next to you isn’t mentally editing your work or judging you for reading Twilight.

Venturesafe Bag
I could write a blog post on this bag alone. It’s become my go-to bag for both business and pleasure travel. It’s just the right size, sling easily over my shoulder, has a place for my tablet and its various accessories, and the added security of the slash proof technology gives me a little more peace of mind. Though I prefer the extra room of the Venturesafe 300, there are a number of smaller bags that offer similar features and the same peace of mind.

 Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered High Capacity (4000mAh) Backup Battery 
I’m including this in my list with a caveat. When I used it most, I lived in the Middle East. Plenty of sun to be had and once I figured it out (I recommend reading the information included in the reviews on Amazon because the included instructions are not useful), it worked really well and it’s exceptionally lightweight. If you’re traveling in an area with plenty of sun and limited opportunity to charge your tablet, you’ll be happy to have this battery.
Bluetooth Keyboard
This definitely makes life easier if you’re spending a lot of time writing on your iPad. That little keyboard is great for texts or short e-mails, but if you’re busting out your life story or trying to catch up on work, the tiny keyboard gets old pretty quickly. This accessory doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you have a particularly heavy laptop that you’d prefer just to leave at home during day trips (like yours truly), but if you do share this problem, an integrated keyboard case or an external keyboard make working on a tablet a lot more efficient.


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