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Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bags and Travel Security Products

Pacsafe Making Wheeled Luggage!

Experienced travelers know that luggage in-transit is a hot target for theft. In fact, 29 million bags were tampered with in 2010. At JFK Airport alone, 200 thefts to checked luggage happened daily. Most thefts are done with a simple ballpoint pen jabbing into the zipper like this…

Over the years, we’ve had many requests from customers to invent an unpenetrable zipper for checked luggage. We’ve perfected the metal mesh wiring and now, we bring you the ToughZip zippers on the new Toursafe luggage line.

Airports are perhaps one of the most common places for theft. The worst part is it happens all behind closed doors. There’s enough to worry about the way it is when traveling and that’s why we do what we do – while your stuff is important, even more valuable is having the peace of mind of knowing that your stuff is safe.


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