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6 Beautiful Airports from Around the World

A three hour layover can be a stressful shuffle in a mundane concrete jungle, or it can be an international extravaganza, worthy of being adding onto your Facebook list of traveled destinations. Here are some airports that are stepping up their architecture game so travelers like you can brag about going to a country that you only spent a few hours in.

These airports (listed in no specific order) try to ease our headaches by appealing to one of our most used senses: our eyes.
1.  Beijing International Airport
Even though Beijing is adding a new massive airport in 2017, the old one is still quite impressive, and just as beautiful.


2. John F. Kennedy International Airport
The long time staple of Queens, New York makes our list easily.  Even though this airport is one of the busiest, it counterbalances itself with it’s stunning design and architecture.

3. Barajas International Airport
Barajas International is located in Madrid, Spain and has been a traveling haven for Spaniards and tourists alike for over 84 years.


4. Bilbao International Airport
Also called Sondika International due to it’s location in northern Spain, this hanger proves that Spain just knows how to build airports.

5. Kuala Lumpur International Airport
This airport in  Northern Malaysia was created in 1993 whenever Subang International Airport (then the main hanger) couldn’t handle  future demand.  Not only did they make it bigger; they made it beautiful.

6. Carrasco International Airport
 Uruguay’s largest airport lets newly arrived passengers relax in it’s stunning environment.  Finished in 2009, this airport is also relatively new.

7. Incheon International Airport
This airport is no stranger to the best looking airports of the world and has generally looked great from year to year since it’s opening in 2001.

8. Denver International Airport

Denver International had to make this list, it’s simply amazing.


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