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Countries with the Most Vacation Days

For the working person there is one word that brings more pleasure to the ears than any other, and that is the word VACATION! All over the world people are counting down the days and marking their calendars, patiently waiting for those beloved days in which they don’t have to work. The sad thing is that some people have to wait significantly longer than others as vacation times are vastly different all over the globe. If you are looking for countries with the most vacation days, here’s a list of the places you should move to!

France: 37 days per year
France has a lengthy history of enjoying fine cuisine and even finer wine. With a 35 hour workweek, each Frenchman enjoys an extra 6.5 days of freedom per year compared to an American’s 40 hour weekly grind. Take the extra time to visit Paris or enjoy an evening walk through the eccentric streets of Marseille.

Brazil: 30 days per year
With 30 days of vacation per year, Brazil allows ample time to enjoy the many attractions within its borders. While taking time off, feel free to drink a Caipirinha, play soccer on the beach, or check out the Amazon Rainforest. Get there quick! If you relocate to Brazil before 2014, you’ll be able to use your time off to travel the country while watching the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics shortly after.

Spain: 30 days per year
Not only does Spain provide a rich culture, great vacation time, and high living standards, but Spain’s citizens get to enjoy an after-lunch siesta before returning to work in the afternoon. Don’t get too excited just yet though, let Spain’s economy improve before you pack your bags and move! While waiting for the recovery: increase your endurance so you can run with the bulls, perfect your Spanish, or practice your aim when throwing tomatoes during the annual tomato fight at La Tomatina Festival.

Germany: 30 days per year
Grab a pint (or ten) of Germany’s fabled beer and take your time getting over your inevitable hangover because each German is granted 30 days of vacation per year. If you take your vacation in early Fall, you can join 6 million other people in the celebration of beer in Germany’s 16 day beer festival, called Oktoberfest. If 16 days is too much of a bender for your taste, travel west to Cologne and visit the Cologne Cathedral, Germany’s most iconic landmark and most visited monument each year.

Denmark: 30 days per year
Eat some delicious danish pastries while taking time off in Denmark and then burn off those extra calories on a bike ride afterwards. Denmark provides generous opportunities to cruise on your bike, with over 12,000 km of biking routes and cities built with the bicycling culture in mind. If your vacation time involves small children, visit Billund’s LegoLand, the oldest of the construction toy’s theme parks.

United Kingdom: 25 days per year
The UK has some of the most amazing architecture and historic structures in the world. And luckily enough, if you happen to live in the UK you will have enough time off to enjoy it all. Grab some fish and chips and make your way through the London streets, stopping off to visit Big Ben, Tower Bridge, or any of the spectacular museums located within the city.

Australia: 20 days per year
Australia offers its citizens an average of 4 weeks off per year, but you still won’t have enough time to experience all that the country has to offer. Visit the Great Barrier Reef or surf the legendary swells, observe the unique wildlife, or even take a quick flight to the South East Asian countries nearby. However, always beware of the snakes, spiders, sharks, jelly fish, crocodiles, and kangaroos, all of which have the potential to seriously jeopardize your vacation!

By Alex Vere Nicoll


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