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Where's the Best Coffee in the World?

From the plains of the midwestern United States to the jungles of Southeast Asia, coffee is a popular beverage that many people love and need. In fact, in some countries people will literally tell you that they could not physically survive without this heavily caffeinated and delicious drink. For those of us who can’t go a day without our favorite morning pick-me-up, here’s a list of the 7 countries which are considered to have the best coffee that planet Earth has to offer!

From gorgeous beaches to dense jungles the reasons to go visit Brazil are truly endless. If somehow you haven’t yet found a reason to take a journey to the spectacular country and you are a fan of coffee, then I have some good news for you. Brazil has some of the tastiest blends of coffee in the world and has been considered one of the greatest places to enjoy a cup for nearly 150 years! They produce an estimated 54 million bags of coffee per year, so don’t worry there should be enough to go around!

What better place to sip a cup of Joe than in what is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. Legend goes that a goat herder stumbled upon a coffee plant by mistake in an area called ‘Kaffa’ in Ethiopia. The herder noticed that when his goat consumed this unknown plant it became more energized. So the drink that billions of people rely on to get them through their work day was actually discovered by a goat!

Costa Rica
A tourist hub in Central America, Costa Rica is widely known for their outrageously good coffee. Way back in 1779 coffee was first introduced to this small, fertile country and the plants began to thrive. While Costa Rica continues to produce large amounts of sugar, chocolate and cacao, coffee reigns supreme as the most exported product in the country.

In the South of India there are a number of gigantic plantations which are widely known as ‘coffee estates.’ It is one of the top 10 producers of coffee in the world and this trend of exporting began under British rule in the 17th century. The origins of the ancient traditions of brewing coffee are said to have begun when coffee beans were smuggled into this large country from the Middle East.

During the time of French Colonization, coffee was first introduced to this Asian nation. While it wasn’t a native plant, the fertile climate of this country caused it to thrive and become one of the most important exporters of coffee in all of Asia. The only product that currently surpasses Vietnamese coffee exports is rice.

The second largest coffee producer in the world, Colombia is another fantastic location to enjoy a good, strong coffee. Nobody knows exactly how this plant was introduced to this fertile nation, but whoever was responsible for this knew exactly what they were doing as the plant absolutely thrived. Some people speculate that Colombian coffee beans are the highest quality on earth so make sure to get your hands on some!

In the USA some people actually refer to a cup of coffee as ‘java.’ The fact that there is also an Indonesian island by the same name is no coincidence. Java Island has been a major producer of coffee since Dutch colonization in the 17th century and it continues to produce some of the best quality coffee in the world. What separates Indonesia from the rest of the coffee producers in the world is the fact that most coffee farming is done on small family-owned farms, rather than large plantations.

By Alex Vere Nicoll


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