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5 Tricks to Avoid Getting Robbed During Your Travels

Sometimes, getting your goodies stolen is out of your control, but for all the other times, there are tricks and tips that can prevent, frustrate and ultimately, outsmart thieves. Here are 5 of our favorite tips to consider when traveling in pick pocket heavy locales.

Fake Wallet/Hidden Wallet Combo
People often joke or talk about using a fake wallet during their travels, but rarely actually follow through with it. The idea is simple, buy a cheap wallet and keep a couple bills of local currency in it. Always keep this wallet in your back pocket and your real one with cards, ID’s and the rest of your money in your side pocket or perhaps, around your waist, like the Coversafe 25 Secret Wallet. This trick is crucial if you are traveling through areas where pick pocketing is common, but even more so if you have the bad luck of being robbed. Normally a mugger will simply ask for you wallet, check for some cash and leave quickly. For this reason if you hand them your fake wallet, with at least some cash, you will save yourself a lot of trouble!

Credit Card Separate From Cash
Why this trick is not the standard for all travelers, when wandering through a foreign country, absolutely astounds me. It is the easiest trick in the book for not losing your valuable credit/debit cards on the road. No matter what pocket or purse you keep your wallet, always make sure your cards are separate from your cash. If you are pick pocketed, more than likely just your wallet will be taken. If you are held up, the result will usually be the same so make sure your cards and cash are never together.

Wear a Cheap Watch
While your typical $50 watch probably won’t turn a lot of heads back home, it can set you up as a target for thieves abroad. While every traveler needs a good watch it’s very important to leave anything flashy back home. Sticking to a black, plastic watch may not impress anyone, but may just save you from a situation that could ruin your trip. Casio makes a variety of cheap watches that thieves should have no interest in snatching off your wrist!

Backpack Strap Around Your Leg
Taking an overnight bus or train is a fantastic way to save time and money during your travels. The problem is that these modes of transportation are often havens for thieves who are praying on sleeping travelers. The trick is for them to get on at one stop, scour the bus for personal backpacks and purses then exit at the following stop. An excellent way to avoid this without having to sleep with your bag clutched in your arms, is to simply wrap the strap of your purse or backpack around your legs and place it on the floor. No thief will be willing to try and untangle this strange mess so you will have a great defense against any predators.

Confident and Calm Attitude
This might not seem like an obvious trick, but it’s arguably the most important to avoid getting robbed. Thieves can be compared to sharks in that they are usually looking for an easy target that won’t put up a fight. They seem to be able to sense fear and if you are walking around scared and paranoid that something will happen, odds are it just might. The trick is to appear to be confident no matter where you are walking and keep a stern ‘Don’t mess with me face.’ One important aspect of this confident attitude is to drop it if you do end up getting mugged. If you have the misfortune of being robbed, stay calm and hand over whatever the thieves want, as these personal items are never more important than your life!

By Alex Vere Nicoll


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