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The Best Music Festivals Around The World

Coachella – United States of America
Down in the depths of the Southwestern United States resides a small town called Indio, California. For 3 straight days, one time every year, this seemingly normal Polo Club is converted in to a musical madhouse. An amazing mixture of music from all over this planet, the biggest names in quality tunes pay hommage to this festival every year. The concert tends to sell out in a matter of minutes so get ready to literally count down the seconds to buy a ticket each year. Musical artists vary hugely from indie rock to electronic to hip-hop, so no matter what your into, Coachella will dazzle your mind.

Kazantip – Ukraine
An event unknown to most US festival goers, Kazantip is an absolutely insane musical experience. It is one of the longest music festivals in the world and located on the beautiful beaches of the Black Sea. The area is called the Crimean Peninsula of the Ukraine and it’s famous for housing the feared Russian Navy. The music is primarily of the electronic variety, but the music is only party of the wild event. The light shows will send your eyes on a trip out of this universe, but that’s only if you can see past the hordes of beautiful women that exist in that area. The crowd is an eclectic mix of wild Europeans and like nothing else on earth.

Sziget – Hungary
The word means island in Hungarian and that’s exactly where this magnificent festival is located. The capital city of Budapest is split in two parts by the huge Danube river. The island sits in the center of the river and plays home to one of the best festivals Europe has to offer. The type of music is all over the board and isn’t necessarily consist year to year. Huge names in rock, electronic and punk music often play for the rowdy crows that are drawn to this festival each and every year.

Glastonbury Festival – United Kingdom
Set way out in the quaint English countryside, Glastonbury is a famous festival of music and more. All the biggest names in the UK and around the world always headline this storied festival. People camp on the green pastures and rolling hills of this incredible setting to enjoy an amazing lineup of mostly rock music. Unfortunately the festival was not held this year due to a conflict with the Olympics so expect 2013 to be a seriously good party!

Bonnaroo Festival – United States of America
Held on a vast 700 acre farm out in Manchester, Tenesse, Bonnaroo is a classic American music festival. According to TIME magazine it is considered to be one of the 50 moments that changed rock and roll in the USA. It doesn’t matter if you like gospel, bluegrass or hop-hop there will be quality, live music for you to enjoy. This one tends to get more of a hippy vibe, and even if tie-dye isn’t your thing you will enjoy the community atmosphere that the gathering creates.

By Alex Vere Nicoll


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