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4 Tips For a Smooth London Trip

London can be quite the pricey destination for anyone’s travels. Throw in its cosmopolitan and glamorous sides and you have one tough place to enjoy all it has to offer for a cheap price. The Square Mile City has plenty of options that give you that quintessential London fare without having to fork over pounds and pounds of Pounds. If you have London in your sights, heed these tips for a swimmingly good trip across the pond.

Where to Stay
Stay somewhere simple yet classy. The Charlotte Street Hotel, the Covent Garden Hotel and the SoHo Hotel all utilize these principles with their timeless decadence. All these hotels are classic and centrally located, yet have been updated for our modern wants and desires when staying in a hotel in a foreign city. While there is wireless Internet at these hotels, you should be mindful of not using unprotected networks during your stay as there is a threat of identity theft. So make sure the hotel has a protected network before logging in or join a service like Lifelock, which will protect your passwords, accounts and credit card numbers from suspicious activities. These hotel rooms are also gorgeous and feel very London, meaning you will be surrounded by this charm from the moment you wake up in the morning.

What to Fly
In order to help your British vacation begin the moment you get to the airport, consider flying Virgin or American Airlines on your transatlantic flight. In fact, American Airlines has a partnership with LifeLock mentioned above, and you can collect frequent flier miles and get a discount on their services when signing up. The moment you step on the plane you will be greeted with hospitality, and if you can swing the business class ticket, you’ll basically be given your own small hotel room onboard the plane. Here you can dine, watch TV and movies and even fold your bed down to sleep. If you fly Virgin America in this class, you can visit their lounge and go to the spa in the airport, which is about as outrageous as it gets. Even if you don’t want to drop an extra thousand bucks (if not more) on the upper class sections of this flight, the coach seats are comfy and chock-full of entertainment and dining opportunities.

Where to Eat
London is a cultural Mecca in Europe, bringing together the tastes of numerous countries, and boiling them in one pot. Trullo in Islington is excellent for authentic Italian food and J. Sheekey’s for fish and chips, though there are hole in the wall recommendations for this dish just about everywhere. Indian food is also a must in London and there are a number of fantastic spots for this fine Asian cuisine in the city. Looking for specificity? Yalla Yalla is known as “Beirut street food.” This cheap and quick restaurant is perfect for getting your Middle Eastern cuisine kick.

Get a Bike
London is a pedestrian city, as traffic is usually tough in the narrow old streets and the millions of people commuting back and forth every day. However, the best of both worlds is when you have a bike in London, allowing you to travel quickly yet also move around traffic and congested areas easily. London has bike paths and tours that can take you all through the city, seeing and spotting some of the most prolific attractions. You’ll be burning calories all while briskly getting around town, letting you get more out of your trip than other traffic-logged cities.

Hopping on a plane and heading across the pond is a traveller’s dream. London boasts culture, art, history, and an array of cuisines from corner to corner. Covering the whole city and what it has to offer in one trip is a little daunting, but getting a plan down for which spots you want to hit and where you want to stay are key to enjoying your trip.

Guest Post by Paige Desroches


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