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Simple Remedies for 3 Common Traveling Ailments

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With all the new spices, long bus rides and water-born bacteria, nothing throws off the body’s natural balance like traveling. Here are some simple homeopathic remedies for three ailments common to life on the road, as well as some suggestions of things to pack that will keep you healthy and rested.

Whether it’s motion sickness, stress or adjusting to a new diet, nausea is an unfortunately common companion to the traveler. Luckily, remedies are simple, common, and can be found almost anywhere. That being said- it doesn’t hurt to pack a few ginger tea bags. Ginger is the most commonly used antidote for stomach sickness. Any form of ginger will do, just make sure that ginger ale actually has real ginger in it, not artificial ginger flavor. Honey and lemon juice is very soothing. Mix 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp lemon juice into a cup of hot water and drink slowly. Cinnamon has some great anti-nausea properties as well. Steep 1/2 tsp cinnamon spice in one cup of boiling water, strain and sip. (A word of warning- do not drink this if you are pregnant.) Going a day or so without food is helpful to clear out your system, but remember to drink plenty of fluids. If available, cranberry juice in particular is very easy on the digestive system.

Sleeping in new environments- from the mosquito netted tents of Africa to the drunkenly loud hostels of Europe- can bring insomnia to even the hardiest of sleepers. Thankfully, nature has provided us with plenty of calming remedies. Pack along some chamomile tea- chamomile has long been used for its sedative properties. A few drops of lavender oil into a bath is very relaxing, but how often do we get our own bath tub when we’re on the road? Put a few drops into a bandanna and breathe in to get the same effect. The most potent of all the sleep herbs is Passion Flower, available as a tincture. Most health stores sell tiny bottles that combine these herbs, as well as soothing Valarien root, that can be taken by the dropper before bed. Unlike synthetic sleeping pills, homeopathic sleep remedies have will not create that foggy ‘sleep hangover’ the next morning.

Jet Lag
Melatonin, produced in the pineal gland of the brain, controls your circadian rhythm; it’s in charge of telling the body when it’s time to sleep. Melatonin release is stimulated by darkness, which is why it’s difficult to fall asleep in brightly lit areas. Sleeping in new environments and traveling across time zones throws are circadian rhythm out of balance, throwing us into that cranky, disoriented state of Jet Lag.
Luckily, melatonin supplements help the body adjust quickly and easily to the disturbances of traveling. Use the lowest dose possible, as high doses can create nightmares and vivid dreams. Take the pills for three consecutive days while on the road, about an hour before bed time. Sweet dreams!



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