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What Does Your Packing Style Say About Your Travel Personality?

Packing suitcase

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When it comes to packing, love it or hate it, everyone has their own technique. Packing can be a definite art form, but even when you have it down to a science, there is always room for a little personal flair. Do you painstakingly organize every item or do you just throw everything into a bag and hope for the best? Find your packing technique below and what it says about your travel style.

Vacuum Seal Bags
You’re a planner. A huge fan of the Packing Pro Travel App, you meticulously plan out every detail of your trip weeks, if not months, in advance. All of your items are neatly organized into vacuum seal bags, you have all your vaccination shots neatly stamped in your Yellow Card, a first aid kit full of supplies, and you’ve triple checked all of the visa requirements for the areas you’ll be traveling in. Travel is a little stressful and you mitigate that stress by trying to be prepared for every possible disaster. This has turned you into a compulsive packer and planner; your suitcase and itinerary are always packed to the brim. But do you really need three of everything? I’m sure the hotel will have a hair dryer and you’re probably not going to read all twelve of those books.

Rolled Up
You’re about as practical as they come. Somewhere inbetween making lists and just throwing stuff in at random, you thoughtfully gather items from your closet shelves and pile them outside your suitcase. Now comes the fun part. Rolling everything up neatly and arranging your clothing like puzzle pieces into your suitcase. You’re an efficient traveler, planning the essentials, but leaving plenty of room for spontaneity. You’re not one to settle into routine and you like a bit of everything. Monday might find you quietly wandering the halls of a museum while Tuesday sees you bungee jumping off a bridge.

Throw Everything In
You like to wait till the night before you leave and then just zip around the house like a tasmanian devil throwing random things into your bag and hoping that you don’t forget anything. You love the spontaneity and thrill of travel and your haphazard packing approach is just part of the fun. You have an “anything goes” mentality for traveling and you have a hard time saying “no”– regardless of how impractical the adventure might be. You’re not particularly stubborn, but it’s not your style to stick to an itinerary. Your worst nightmare? Guided tours.

Fold Neatly
You’re a traditional traveler. You approach travel the same way you approach your every day life back home. In fact, packing for you just means moving one stack of folded t-shirts from your dresser drawer to the inside of your suitcase. You like seeing new things and places, but you settle into a routine almost immediately no matter where you are. Breakfast at 8, sightseeing at 9, snack at 10, museum at 10:15, lunch at 12:30. You know what you like and you know what works for you. You play by the rules and have little patience for those drunken college students running up and down the hotel hallways.

You hate baggage and instead just try to get by with the few essential items you can stuff into a small backpack. You’re footloose and fancy free, preferring to go your own way at your own pace without the added weight of stuff and the extra worry of other people. While you may never have to worry about extra baggage fees, you might want to read Into the Wild.

By Nikki Hodgson


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