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What's in My Venturesafe?

While my family and friends are under the impression that working as a travel blogger consists primarily of searching out and consuming gelato, they’re only partially correct. Ok, fine. They’re mostly correct, but I can blog and search out gelato at the same time. I’m very talented where desserts and eating are concerned. At any rate, my point is that travel blogging isn’t all about snapping Instagram shots of ourselves sipping margaritas on beaches around the world. We have to write about it too, and for that, I need a system. Part of that system includes my Venturesafe. It’s my go-to travel bag filled with my go-to travel items. Shoving my laptop, my phone, and my wallet in the appropriate compartments, this bag has a spot for everything I need during a day (or night) out. So what does a travel blogger’s bag look like? Read on for a behind the scenes look at the bag that holds my travel secrets and everything I need to gather them.

I don’t always carry my laptop with me while running around all over the place (mostly because I once dropped it while riding a camel), but when I do, the little guy and his case fit snuggly in the padded sleeve. Where laptops and camels are concerned, you can never have too much padding.

“Blogger” is just a nice term for someone who is addicted to the Internet and social media. I can’t go anywhere without Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in my pocket. Unfortunately my pocket isn’t the safest place for a phone. With multiple anti-theft security features, my Venturesafe, however, is.

I always reserve a spot for my trusty Moleskin notebook. Tablets are great, but there is something immensely satisfying about sitting at a cafe with a little black notebook knowing that it’s the same style of notebook that artists and writers have used for generations.

Call me old-fashioned, but I appreciate the pen holder feature of this bag. There’s nothing worse than wanting to quickly jot down the name of a restaurant, directions, or a few notes about a travel experience and then having to spend five minutes digging through your bag for a pen that you aren’t even sure you have.

My guilty pleasure. I always pick up either The Economist or National Geographic at the airport. I can fit it either in the front zippered pocket or in the padded sleeve right alongside my laptop. Either way, I don’t have to roll it up and stick it in my jacket pocket. It’s always nice to have options.

Wallet and Passport
You don’t get very far without either one of these.

Water Bottle
Carrying water is always a good idea, particularly during hot weather or when you’re not sure about the water quality in the region. The Venturesafe has two side mesh pockets for water bottles, ensuring that water is always within easy reach (I don’t have to stop and unzip my bag every time I want a sip of water), and in case of a faulty water bottle cap (or user error) it’s not going to spill all over my laptop or phone. I usually stick a few water purification tablets in my bag too. You never know.

After a day of chasing down adventures, blisters can and do happen to the best of us, even with the most comfortable of shoes. In light of that, I always have bandaids with me, if not a full first aid kit. It always surprises me how something so small and insignficant can cause so much pain.

It has a permanent spot in my bag, but it’s always kept safely in a ziplock bag. Turns out cameras, iPhones, and sunscreen don’t get along that well. Who knew?

Scarf/Extra Layer
Ok, I can’t fit an expedition parka or anything in this bag, but a light sweater or a scarf (in case I stumble across a cool religious site where I need to cover my shoulders or head) will stuff into the main body of the bag perfectly. If things are getting a little snug in the main compartment, I roll it up and stuff it in to one of the mesh sleeves on the side.

For anything other than a point and shoot, I wouldn’t go with the Venturesafe (try the Camsafe), but since my camera is just a little pocket digicam, I don’t worry about it too much. It fits right in.

Reusable Grocery Bag
I always stick in one of those nylon grocery bags that fold up to next to nothing. You never know when you’ll stumble across a cool market with some fantastic looking produce. Mangos anyone?

A banana, an apple, some Swiss chocolate. I always have food on hand. Nothing kills a day of adventure like low blood sugar.

Business Cards
If you’re a travel blogger, it’s always good to have a card with your website and contact info. Sometimes it scores you discounts too. Free gelato? Yes, please.

By Nikki Hodgson


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