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Quiz: Selecting a Traveling Partner

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There’s a very good reason that if you want to test a relationship, you should take a trip together. Even the best friend can turn into the worst traveling partner and some relationships just can’t take the stress of two vastly different traveling styles. While it’s easy to come to terms with the fact that some people you just can’t travel with, finding out that you and your traveling partner are incompatible in the middle a trip is less than ideal. In order to avoid that situation, use this quiz to determine the traveling style of your intended travel buddy. If nothing else, you’ll be able to go into the trip with your eyes wide open.

The plane hits some turbulence, you:
a) Start hyperventilating
b) Have already had too much to drink but ask if you can have another Bloody Mary
c) Fasten your seatbelt and continue reading

You arrive at the hostel, and it’s less than satisfactory, you:
a) Absolutely refuse to stay the night and insist on finding somewhere else immediately. Even if it means paying a lot
b) Think staying in a hostel is a waste of money and would prefer to camp out on the street with your Venturesafe 32L as a pillow, or crash with that guy you met at the bar.
c) Stay the night and try to find somewhere better in the morning.

It’s your night to pick the restaurant, you:
a) Suggest making dinner at the hostel
b) Find the sketchiest food stand known to mankind and say “hey, what’s a trip without a little food poisoning?”
c) Duck into a café and ask a few locals where they would recommend eating

You need to grab a taxi, but the taxi driver is asking five times the normal price, you:
a) Pay it without complaint.
b) Refuse to take a taxi until you get the asking price you feel is appropriate, even if it’s only a difference of a few cents.
c) Try to get it as low as possible, but are willing to pay a little bit more than normal in order to avoid 30 minutes of haggling.

You’ve staying with a family in a rural village. They’ve slaughtered a goat in your honor, but it’s looks than appetizing, you:
a) Absolutely refuse to eat it. That’s disgusting.
b) Have three helpings.
c) Accept it graciously and eat as little as possible.

When you land in a new place, your itinerary includes:
a) as many museums and tourist attractions as possible.
b) no itinerary. You prefer to wing it.
c) a few museums, a day trip here and there, but also lots of room for relaxing and exploring.

Mostly A’s, play it safe. Very cautious. Not a bad traveling partner, but if you’re looking for adventure, you won’t find it with this individual. In order to avoid problems, make sure hotels are safe, clean, and a little luxurious. Most of your meals will be taken in tourist restaurants and it’s unlikely you’ll stray too far off the beaten path. On the other hand, you won’t end up in the hospital either.

Mostly B’s, a risk taker. This traveler has a few thrill issues, and if this is your traveling partner, you’re likely to end up in prison or in a hospital at least once on your trip. While this person can be a lot of fun and usually ends up being the life of the party, you’ll need to make sure you feel comfortable putting your foot down every now and then.

Mostly C’s, middle of the road. A seasoned and moderate travel partner. This person is willing to take a reasonable amount of risk, but knows when to back off. They’re perfectly willing to stray off the beaten path, but they’ll likely have a contingency plan and a healthy degree of caution. You might stay in a sketchy hostel here and there, but you’ll have some good stories at the end of the trip.

By Nikki Hodgson


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