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5 Tips For A Romantic Getaway In China

Chinese Lanterns


They say in China “where’s there love, there is a way.” What better way to spend a romantic outing than in some of the more beautiful places in that country?

There are a number of things to keep in mind while traveling in China, the first being that China is a very large place. In order to keep the wife from not going crazy before your trip, focus your itinerary  Once you know exactly how far away everything that you want to do will be – and you’re not stretching your vacation time thin – you will all have a much more enjoyable stay.

If scheduling one of the many traditional festivals happened to be included in that plan, you made the right choice. The Lantern Festival is one of the more striking festivals, and it falls on the 15th of the first lunar month. You watch thousands of lanterns float high in the sky setting one of the most hey-hon-I’m-so-glad-I-married-you moments you could ask for

Don’t forget about the number of foods to show your better half. Start her off with something she might be familiar with, such as Peking Duck. This delicacy was invented in the Forbidden City (already sounds interesting doesn’t it), and is one of the juiciest pieces of fowl you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. If she happens to be more of a carnivore then take her up to the northwestern province of Xinjiang. The two of you can chow down on all the meats you desire. If your SO happens to be more adventurous  there are always a number of bug options available.

What couple doesn’t like a good cruise? Consider scheduling one of the many Yangtze River cruises that are available. These tours can take you from the Temple of Heaven to the Hall of Clocks and Watches. If you both would rather go by foot, take a hike through the Wulingyuan scenic area.

It is usually a good idea to have where you are going to be staying in mind. Here are a few suggestions to fill that need.

There are a number of luxury hotels, resorts, and places around that the traveler can pursue. Aman Resorts opened  at the Summer Palace – what was once the guesthouse for the empress – in 2008. The Palace is located in Beijing offering a variety of sights such as the Forbidden City. They pride themselves in the closeness and intimacy of a smaller resort, so grab your significant other and head over there. The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel can show your honey how minimalistic (if that happens to be their idea of sexy) you can be. If you happen to be a lone traveler then consider stopping in a Jing’s Residence where you can mingle with the other singles at their perfect home-away-from-home bar.


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