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Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bags and Travel Security Products

Featured Product: Pouchsafe 150

Every so often, when I have to walk through security at the airport, I run into a problem.  After I’ve placed my carry on bags jacket, and shoes, onto the conveyor and I’ve put my belt, keys, and cellphone into the round container that looks like a dog food bowl, sometimes, I’ll stick my boarding pass in there as well. I always seem to forget that I’m supposed to hold onto my boarding pass.

That’s a problem because that boarding pass is much easier to lose that say, a set of keys, yet, if it were to fall on the floor, a seemingly simple flight could quickly turn into a customer service layover nightmare.  This has happened to me once.

This is why it’s useful to have a Pouchsafe 150.  It wears around your neck when you travel and let’s you place a bunch of important documents, right within reach: your ID (up to 6 cards), your boarding pass (it’s got a separate compartment for that), your passport (got a separate pocket for that too), as well as SIM cards, SD cards, and other necessary travel items like cash and credit cards.  The best part about the Poucsafe 150 is it is slashproof to protect against thieves, and can easily be slung over you shoulder like a small bag.  It’s definitely a convenient little bag that could save you a lot of headache in the airport.


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